About Us

We are Christy and Erika. Best friends and business partners.  Doxology was created out of a collision of dreams, opportunity and God’s will.  We are a couple of moms with backgrounds in everything, but retail.  Christy spent many years as a sign language interpreter and Erika worked in freelance writing.  We each have three crazy kids and devoted husbands as well as the most supportive extended family.  It is the true definition of a family business.  With Christ at the center of all our pursuits, we figured opening a retail brick and mortar and now online store would definitely be a challenge that only He could equip us for.  Who knew our first major obstacle would be a global pandemic?  Here we are still weathering through!  We are coming up on three years of this amazing journey.  Most of what makes Doxology so great, goes beyond the products we carry, to the people we encounter.  We have a grand desire for all women to feel beautiful, loved, encouraged, accepted and known.  We hope you find just the right outfit or gift and we pray you walk away feeling like your shopping experience was more intimate and personal.  We are also always here to help in any way we can. Just shoot us a message through email or social media!
The cornerstone of our business is our focus on prayer.  If you find yourself in the Winter Garden area, stop in and visit our chapel located in the center of our store.  You will have the unique opportunity to leave your own prayer request upon the walls or if you feel led, take a prayer home with you to keep another person close to your heart.  If you are unable to visit, but need prayer for something, please send us an email to info@shopdoxology.com .  We would love the opportunity to join with you in storming the gates of heaven for healing, new jobs, lost hope, celebrations, fears, peace, understanding, the great times and the difficult ones or just because. 
Thank you for visiting our site and learning a little more about who we are!